Adam’s Technical – Scams

Adam’s Technical – Scams

Unfortunately fraudsters have been using the pandemic as a further opportunity to exploit individuals over recent months. Please take heed the following:

• Never be rushed or pressured into making decisions over the ‘phone. Do not provide personal information or bank details. Hang up and then call the company back from the number on their website if you want to check.

• Watch out for fake government e-mails offering grants, council tax reductions and assistance applying for benefits for a fee.

• If you are contacted out of the blue and the returns being offered sound too good to be true it is a scam. Do not be afraid to end the call.

• If you are being offered a ‘free’ pension review with a way to access your money before age 55 be extremely wary. You cannot normally take benefits from a pension before this age.

• Look at the e-mail address that a suspect one has been sent from, to check its legitimacy. Watch out for the grammar used in suspicious e-mails.

• If you click on an e-mail link which then asks for personal and/or financial details never provide them.

• If you happen to give your bank details out and become concerned contact your bank immediately.