Staff matters – October 2021

As it is our 50th Anniversary on 27 October 2021, I thought I would detail the three major events that have helped to define Morfitt & Turnbull (Management Services) Limited.

It’s been a long journey with many twists, but we couldn’t have made it without all the wonderful staff members that have worked for us over the 50 years.

N Brown plc bought the company for £8.9 million in 1986, this precipitated a lot of change. We expanded greatly and quickly and opened offices in Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Worcester, Kendal, Poynton and Hong Kong!

I was employed on 4 May 1987 to run the investment side of M&T – 34 years later I still am!
It proved difficult to police all the offices with the limited technology, which would not be a problem now, however, it took 13 years before we bought ourselves back from them.

The Manchester Bomb on 15 June 1996 changed a lot for many of us. Our offices were destroyed and we were not allowed to enter the tumbledown premises for six weeks, files were destroyed and as a result the Regulator fined us for loss of records!!

When we eventually got into the offices there were huge shards of glass, some six foot in length through walls, an old, yet very large photocopier was recovered from the River Irwell over 50 yards away! The company safe and a lot of personal belongings had been stolen and everything was wet through.
We moved three times in an 18 month period before settling on Deansgate in offices I despised which helped lead to 3. Below.

Due to both Pauline and I disliking the offices and hating the drive to and from Manchester on a daily basis and the fact that the 10 year lease came to an end we took the opportunity to move to lovely Knutsford in December 2007.

If you think moving house is stressful – try moving offices with 5,500 files and 36 years of baggage (at the time).

Most of the administrative staff decided to leave, but Annie made the move and is still with us, as did Martin Hilton, our Management Accountant, who has been with us for over 20 years.

We continue to evolve.